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Home Remedies…I love em!

There is something good about finding solutions to problems :) Especially when it is about being sick :(

The best solution? A home remedy, because you are probably making yourself feel better, by calculating what home remedy your grandmother or from the internet you have heard or seen, you are going to use!

Your fridge, your garden, your cupboard, the number might have a number of things you seek! Might even not have to leave your house……thats why i love home remedies…….now where is that lemon and honey?

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Preschoolers Can Do Algebra


Millions of high school and college algebra students are united in a shared agony over solving for x and y, and for those to whom the answers don’t come easily, it gets worse: most preschoolers and kindergarteners can do some algebra before even entering a math class.

In a just-published study in…